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Free Game with Source Code  v.2.01

This is the source code for chance statistics game for you to study and see how statistical mechanism works.

MouseImp Pro Live! Source Code  v.

Please feel free to download and use MouseImp Pro Live! source code. The source lacks MouseImp Pro's copy protection and some other trialware/evaluation stuff from the commercial version. The source code can be compiled under Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0

Free Source Code Browser  v.1

Free Source Code Browser software. Aren't webpages that try to prevent you from viewing their source code or saving images by disabling right-click bothersome? Who cares! View the source code of any webpage, and save any image as well.

VB Source Code Controls  v.3.0

Visual Basic Source Code that demonstrates how to make VB Controls by using a Picturebox and pure VB Code. Current Visual Basic Components include: Scheduler Source Code, Calendar Source Code, Clock Source Code, Slider Source Code, Scheduling Program

JAVA to PDF Source Code Converter  v.New

JAVA to PDF Source Code Converter is a simple Java-based software that can convert your Java source code to PDF. The app will convert all the .JAVA files in the folder you select (and will look for .JAVA recursively in all child folders) and create

HTML Redirect Code  v.1.0

HTML Redirect code makes the code HTML redirect page with affiliate link cloaking.

Kyrathaba's Source Code Line Counter  v.

a source-code line counter for VB, C#, and C++

C,C++ Source Code Directory Submitter  v.1.00

Submit source code C++ Source Code Directory

CPP-2-HTML CSS Source Code Tagger  v.1.02

CPP-2-HTML is a DOS command-line utility that formats C++ source code into HTML pages. It uses an external Cascading Style Sheet, "cpp.css" so that the user may set up any formatting/coloring

PHPSCH - Source Code Highlighter  v.1.0

PHPSCH is php based source code syntax highlighter. It supports php, c++, c#, java, delphi, css, html, mysql. You can change the default syntax colors with yours. project page:

Java source code cross-reference tool  v.rc

Javasrc creates a set of hyperlinked HTML pages out of your Java source code.

Visual Basic Controls (Source Code)  v.3.0

Visual Basic Source Code that demonstrates how to make VB Controls by using a Picturebox and pure VB Code. Free source code for making Command Buttons and additional source code for making other controls is available.

Morz Text to Source Code Converter  v.1

Morz Text to Source Code Converter 1 is created to be a helpful, automatic tool to convert source code from plain text into another like C, C++,JAVA and other format. If you make some changes in the revised string,Morz Text to Source Code will do the

Nuzzly-Source Code File Sharer  v.3.0

One of the advantages of network computing is the ability to share files while you are online. Now you can do the same with your Visual Basic source-code documents. Nuzzly is a simple freeware program that lets you share your VB tips and tricks with

Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Source Code

Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Source Code is considered as a great and cool mod. Mod makers can delve into the Enemy Territory source code in order to make more significant modifications to the

TransparentBlt Source Code  v.1.0

TransparentBlt Source Code function allows you to display a transparent bitmap. In demo program, we also illustrate how to get the dimension of the bitmap. Source code is applied to both 16-bit and 32-bit Visual Basic. Visual Basic 4.0 (16bit and

Unreal Tournament 2004 UnrealScript v3186 Source Code

Unreal Tournament 2004 UnrealScript v3186 Source Code is an impressive and unique v3186 UnrealScript Source Code, released by Epic Games to provide modders and mappers with useful information about what Unreal Tournament 2004 has to offer in terms of

Basic To Nasm source code converter  v.8.6.2004

Basic 2 Nasm, This project converts BASIC source code into NASM compatable assembly

BeautyJ - Java Source Code Transformer  v.1.1

Normalizes Java source code to a clean structured format, customizable through the Sourclet API. Auto-generates Javadoc comments using semantic information from identifier names. Converts Java source code to XJava XML and

Brainstormers Public Source Code Release  v.1.0

The source code of the Brainstormers' RoboCup champion team 2005 has been made publicly available at the end of 2005. That source code release contains also a lot of our results in applying Reinforcement Learning in the simulated soccer

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